Over the years I have tried quite a few systems to manage content for my own site whether it was a blog or not. Let's see: WordPress, Posterous, Expression Engine, Stacey and now Kirby.

file based

I've been looking for a file based system for a while now and think I've found it with Kirby. I can use markdown text files to write the content. I don't have to mess around with a database, nor painful update processes and it's flexible enough to be extended with PHP.
Kirby is created by Bastian Allgeier. The Kirby web site has good documentation and Bastian posts excellent tutorials on how to do certain stuff.

I have ported my theme to it in a matter of days. It has the beginnings of responsiveness. Of course it isn't finished yet but it probably never will be.

On the to do list are (among other):

  • Projects section
  • search has to be redesigned (where and how the results show up)
  • better media queries for medium sized devices (iPad)
  • maybe a different layout for huge screens
  • @2x graphics (maybe)