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Proof of concept: Details tag for accordeon

For a project involving Kirby CMS I needed a way for users to add an accordeon component inside the actual content area. So I hacked together a sort of plugin based on Bastian's Column plugin. So in your kirby content text file or through the panel you can just add this: [\accordeon... open…

Proof of concept: CSS mobile menu

I created a proof of concept showing a CSS-only mobile menu (one of those hamburger icon thingies) Have a look:

Proof of concept: does it blend?

UPDATED: 2014-12-29 I created a proof of concept to see how far I could go in recreating Edenspiekermann’s Utrecht City Theatre logo's blending effects (like an image editor's layer blend mode). It makes use of a proposed new feature: photoshop like blending modes. It's not exactly the same as the o…