How I luvvv the fujifilm x100

Since 2 months I have been carrying along and shooting with this fujifilm x100 and all I can say is: I love this camera!


With all its quirks. Yes, it does have quirks and you can read all about it all over the internet. In short:


It's slow in startup, even in standby mode, focusing (auto) is a challenge and drives one nuts now and then. (Update: These things have become noticeably better with the latest firmware updates. Still, they will not be anywhere near the performance of say Nikon’s or Canon’s high end models.)




The easiest way to overcome these quirks is to think of it as this camera having personality. More rational:

I love carrying it around as opposed to my older Nikon d70,


I love the build of this thing, I love the quality it outputs,


I love how it performs in low light situations, I love the lens and its sharpness.

I love it.