May 13, 2020

Lockdown Portraits Session Six


Lucky • Jacqueline & Matt

portrait of jacq and dad, by nils hendriks, 2020

During the Corona Lockdown 2020 I came up with this personal mini project: Lockdown Portraits, showing real people – not models – and how they deal with all the ordeals that isolation brings with it. Accompanying the photos are 2 questions I asked each one of them and their answers.

can you describe to what extent
the lockdown has affected your life and how?
both on a personal and professional level?

We are in the luxury position that we have little trouble. Thinking of parents with several children, 3-high, nursing home residents, the lonely and the needy. We have each other and have always been on our own. Our dog, Wouke, ensures that we can take to the streets 4 times a day without shame.

As far as my work in health care is concerned, there was much confusion and contradiction in behavior around distance and proximity.

if anything, what do you think
will you take away from all this.
any lessons learned?

I think we will never be so lighthearted in the event of a virus outbreak again.