Lockdown Portraits Session Four

Sappy & Grateful • Remko

May 3, 2020

Amidst the upheaval of the 2020 Corona Lockdown, I embarked on a personal mini project that became a testament to resilience: Lockdown Portraits. These are not just photos; they are glimpses into the lives of real people—individuals navigating the challenges and triumphs that isolation brings.

Each portrait tells a story, not of models, but of everyday heroes facing the ordeals of lockdown with courage and grace. To add depth to the visual narrative, I posed two questions to each participant, unearthing personal insights that accompany their portraits.

portrait of niki, 2020

Anderhalve meter is five foot something, you dumbass...!!

Can you describe to what extent the lockdown has affected your life and how? both on a personal and professional level?

In these times you cherish what you have been given in life. This may sound sappy and rest assured, it is. I am grateful that I still can go to work and come home to my family.

If anything, what do you think will you take away from all this.any lessons learned?

Anderhalve meter is five foot something, you dumbass...!!