Lockdown Portraits Session Seven

Power of fear • Gyöngyi, Zalán, Benedek, & Mátyika

May 23, 2020

Amidst the upheaval of the 2020 Corona Lockdown, I embarked on a personal mini project that became a testament to resilience: Lockdown Portraits. These are not just photos; they are glimpses into the lives of real people—individuals navigating the challenges and triumphs that isolation brings.

Each portrait tells a story, not of models, but of everyday heroes facing the ordeals of lockdown with courage and grace. To add depth to the visual narrative, I posed two questions to each participant, unearthing personal insights that accompany their portraits.

portrait of Thara, 2020

Can you describe to what extent the lockdown has affected your life and how? both on a personal and professional level?

So.. 2 weeks before the lockdown I finished the renovation of my beauty shop .. everything was brand new.. I spent all my savings on the salon and I had to close it. I tried not to panic though I had a few ups and downs in the first week. After i calmed down I was just happy to be at home with my kids and husband. We never had this freedom here in Holland. Doing nothing and even getting some money . So we had some quality family time together.

If anything, what do you think will you take away from all this.any lessons learned?

The lesson I learnt that fear is the biggest power in this world. I distanced myself from it and not let myself be influenced by the media, TV or by other people. I will continue this way.